Siva Kaneswaran Delivers Breathtaking Video for Debut Solo Single 'Breathe In': Exclusive

Siva Kaneswaran
Christopher Patey

Siva Kaneswaran

Siva Kaneswaran, formerly of The Wanted, embarked on his solo career following a three-year hiatus with his debut single “Breathe In” in early September, and now he delivers the single’s music video, premiering exclusively on Billboard below.

Siva composes breathtaking sequences of nature that invite soul-searching as he sings, “I breathe in/ Water’s breaking in on me/ I breathe in/ I know this dream is bigger than me.” He walks, runs and climbs through different natural settings with his energy mimicking the rising and falling of breathing. The focus of the wide tracking shots, however, is the vast natural landscapes surrounding Siva.

“The song ‘Breathe In’ always felt elemental to me, so I wanted the theme and inspiration behind the video to be water,” Siva shares with Billboard. “Then I asked myself, ‘Where does the breath come from?’ It’s borrowed from mother nature so I wanted to show that and express how I heal with nature.”

The music video is a collaborative effort with Siva’s creative partners Rassmus Björnson and David Sahlberg. While he co-wrote and recorded the song in Sweden, the visual was shot completely in California.

“It was such a fun video to shoot! I was fully involved in the planning and creative direction,” Siva continues.  “A lot of it was intuitive stopping and shooting which came out so good. It was challenging and I learned so much. More importantly, I experienced an epic road trip with two of my talented friends who created it with me.”

Watch the visual for Siva’s debut solo single “Breathe In” below.