Kesha Reflects Upon Her Favorite Billboard Cover & Mr. Peeps' 'Favorite Celebrity Cat' Crowning: Watch

During her Billboard cover shoot, Kesha took some time to reflect upon her favorite moments with Billboard, looking back at her previous magazine covers, as well as celebrating her beloved cat’s recent poll win.

Kesha, who this week graces her fourth Billboard cover, thinks back to her previous ones, noting that the December 18, 2010 issue was her favorite of the bunch.

“I've had many beautiful, wonderful moments with your lovely magazine, but one of my favorites that sticks out in my mind is when I was popping champagne all over myself and I was wearing this big, long fake fur coat and I think I had blue lipstick on,” she recalls.

“It was right after ‘TiK ToK’ went to No. 1,” she adds, “which was my first No. 1. And that was really special.”

Kesha also gives a special mention to her cat Mr. Peeps, who was recently crowned “Favorite Celebrity Cat” in a Billboard poll. “Me and Mr. Peeps really appreciate it,” she shares.

You can watch the full "My Billboard Moment" video above, and take a behind-the-scenes look at her most recent cover shoot below.

Cover'd With Kesha | Billboard