Colin Dieden Re-Introduces Himself as Little Hurt On Debut Solo Single 'Good As It Gets': Exclusive

Little Hurt
KayKay Blaisdell

Little Hurt

Colin Dieden, former frontman for The Mowgli’s, embarks on a new musical journey under the moniker Little Hurt with his debut solo release “Good As It Gets,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 19).

As Little Hurt, Dieden moves into a candid musical space that is built entirely on vulnerability. His first single sees Little Hurt earnestly evaluating himself and his life assisted by peppy production that builds as he arrives to the title’s foregone conclusion that “this is as good as it gets.”

“It’s been a really complicated few months for me,” Dieden shares with Billboard. “My entire life has changed drastically in almost every aspect and ‘Good As It Gets’ came from me stopping for a second and really taking a look at things and decisions I’ve made.”

Dieden made the decision to begin his solo career in early 2019 with the blessing from his bandmates. The moniker Little Hurt has a history with Dieden as a long-forgotten childhood nickname given to him on the baseball field. Once he decided to strike off on his own, he embraced the name as yet another step in his personal and musical discovery.

“Of course, it’s a bit emotional too. I’m just a kid from Kansas who’s a little hurt,” he reveals in a previous statement. As Little Hurt, Dieden helps to normalize conversations around mental health, adding “we’re all a little hurt and that’s okay.”

Listen to Little Hurt’s “Good As It Gets” below and pre-save the single on Spotify here.