Kleerup Sets a Place at the 'Lovers Table' for AlunaGeorge on New Collab Track: Premiere

Ruvan Wijesooriya


Swedish producer Andreas Kleerup and London-based duo AlunaGeorge are mulling over the decision to risk everything and join the “Lovers Table” on their new collaborative single, available exclusively on Billboard below.

The sleek, moody set combines the English group’s soulful and surreal sound with Kleerup’s celestial dance pop, honed over the last decade with the likes of Robyn and Lykke Li as well as in his own solo work. The song follows a journey that isn’t so much about meeting the right seat partner but rather the search within oneself to get there. Vocalist Aluna Francis imbues the track with a sense of self-assured yet forlorn resignation that embodies the song’s central tension of leaving the familiar behind and committing to the uncertainty of love.

“At the time I was really interested in the idea of a career woman giving up on love because she just felt she wasn’t invited to the table,” Francis tells Billboard. “The cliché of the lonely female boss that is familiar, yet comfortable, because you don’t have to risk your heart -- in many ways it was a personal experience. Until someone comes along to challenge that paradigm and you realize you have to jump in even though you feel like you can’t.”

Though the lyrics seem to agonize over the prospect of leaving their individual comfort zones, the single finds the collaborators completely in their element. On “Lovers Table,” they’re not just invited to the party, they’re playing the consummate hosts to perfection. 

“Lovers Table” arrives everywhere on Wednesday via Cascine and U OK? and pre-save is available here.

Check out “Lovers Table” below.