LIVVIA to Open for Jonas Brothers on Texas Tour Dates: Exclusive

Tiziano Lugli


Rising pop star LIVVIA, who scored a top 40 radio hit with "Damn" this year, is set to bring the heat in Texas when she opens for the Jonas Brothers on their Sept. 25-27 tour dates.

“I opened for them on their last tour together and now I get to open for them again on their first tour back together!" she tells Billboard. "It‘s surreal to be a part of the tour we’ve all been waiting for. The boys and their entire team are some of the kindest, most talented people I’ve ever met. You know I’m a huge Jonas fan, so you know what a dream come true this is.”

The reunited trio and LIVVIA will hit Dallas on Sept. 25, Houston on Sept. 26 and San Antonio on Sept. 27. LIVVIA has plenty of history with the JoBros – aside from opening for them in the past, she told Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast that she's still pet-setting their tortoise Shelly.

Earlier this summer, LIVVIA followed up her debut single "Damn" with the sparkling, vibey "Dizzy," out on 12tone music.