Justin Bieber Just Found Out He's Related to Two Other Huge Canadian Stars

Justin Bieber's origin story has the London, Ontario, singer getting discovered on YouTube by manager Scooter Braun when he was a 13 year-old with no music business connections. But, as it turns out, Bieber's Hollywood network was way deeper than anyone knew before he even hit us with "Baby." The singer revealed on Sunday (Sept. 1) that an Ancestry.com search turned up evidence that he's distantly related to two huge fellow Canadian stars.

"I also just found out that I'm related to both Ryan gosling and Avril Lavigne this is the best day of my life," he wrote alongside the genealogy chart that shows that he's 12th cousins with Lavigne and 11th cousins once removed with First Man star Gosling. 

Exclaim broke down how the familial connections work, explaining that Bieber's 11th great-grandparents are Goslings 10th great-grandparents and Lavigne's immediate family branches off from Bieber's third cousin nine times removed. Lavigne responded to the news with a sweet offer, commenting, "I'll host Christmas dinner this year."

Bieber opened up about the struggles he's had since his career took off a decade ago in an emotional post on Monday, in which he discussed a "cycle of disappointment after disappointment" and how by the age of 20 he'd made "every bad decision you could have thought of."