Niall Horan 'Can't Wait' For Fans to Hear His New Album

Niall Horan paid very close attention to which songs got his fans on their feet during the tour for his 2017 solo debut album, Flicker. And now, like a pop scientist, the former One Direction singer has boiled that data down into a fresh batch of songs that he says he can't wait to share.

"I’m laying here listening to songs from my new record and I’m so excited to get going. Can’t wait for you to hear the fun I’ve been having over the last year," Horan tweeted in a series of messages about his upcoming album on Monday (Sept. 2), explaining that he observed his fan's faces to see what gets them "dancing, what makes them sad and everything in between."   

Horan also thanked fans for letting him play for way more people than he ever anticipated when he was writing Flicker, helping to make his dreams come true.

At press time no additional information was available on Horan's next album.