Here's Why Fans Think Taylor Swift's 'London Boy' Is About Joe Alywn

Taylor Swift's Lover comes with a lot of songs -- 18 to be exact -- and while the album hasn't even been out for a whole day yet, fans are already diving into what each song about. 

One song in particular that has fans flipping out is "London Boy." While Swift has dated a couple of London boys (Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston), people think it's about Swift's current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The couple has managed to keep their romance pretty private, for the most part, but fans do know that he's English, and most likely making her very happy. 

So, is "London Boy" about Alwyn? Is he the lucky man who's "walking Camden Market in the afternoon" with her? Is he the one who took the star "to Highgate," where she "met all of his best mates"? Is The Favourite actor the reason why Swift now loves "high tea, stories from Uni, and the West End"?