Marian Hill Return With Spooky 'Take A Number' Video Featuring Dounia: Exclusive

Marian HIll
Joupin Ghamsari

Marian Hill

Synth-pop duo Marian Hill is back in full force with "Take A Number" featuring Dounia, the video for which is premiering exclusively via Billboard today (Aug. 23).

The song stays true to their signature bass-heavy sounds, featuring intricate percussive movements from producer Jeremy Lloyd, while singer Samantha Gongol has grown impossibly more confident and devillish.

"Boy you look so crisp, you're a salty little snack/ I might call you over here, never call you back," Gongol croons, asserting her dominance. "I said you can take a number/ Yeah you heard me, did I mother fucking stutter?" Dounia joins in the second verse, her smooth attitude matching Gongol's. 

The Vylit-produced video sees the three artists in some type of dark laboratory, where Gongol is dressed like a possessed patient -- bleached eyebrows and all -- while Lloyd goes mad, taking over all of the controls.

"Since we started Marian Hill in 2013 through the end of 2018, we didn't have more than a month go by without a show, a promo event, a video shoot, a studio session...it was all Marian Hill, all the time," the group tells Billboard. "In those past five years so many things changed in our personal lives, in our professional lives, in where we lived and how we saw ourselves. This winter and spring we had the first true break we've ever had. It was the first time we'd had in our career to take a moment, reflect, and figure out just how to come back harder than ever."

"Take A Number" is out via Marian Hill's new label Platoon and follows their 2018 album Unusual.

Watch the spooky clip below.