Get to Know 'Number One Fan' Trio MUNA: Watch

In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard catches up with Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson of the musical trio MUNA to find out a bit more about the "Number One Fan" group.

Asked how they decided upon the name MUNA, McPherson tells Billboard that they actually aren’t exactly sure how their band name came to be. "Basically what happened was we'd made a bunch of songs, we didn't have a band name and we were like, ‘We need a band name,’” she recalls, adding that they just started “spitballing random crap.”

“It was like the way that you name a dog,” chimes in Gavin. “We just kept coming up with options and then somebody said Luna. And someone said Muna shortly after, and then we were like, ‘OK.’”

When posed with the question of what their biggest accomplishment to date has been, McPherson replies that it's being able to make music, and Gavin says that it's the fact that they have made two records. “I think it's just like, how long have we been in this magnificent band relationship? Six years? And we're still friends?” adds Maskin.

Gavin says it's rare to have a place of work and know that you will be supported. “I know that they have my back,” she shares. “And that's something I think is so rare to have.”

As for why they think that people should listen to their music, Maskin puts it bluntly saying with a laugh, “People should listen to our music because it's the best. I don't give a shit!”

Gavin, meanwhile, compares MUNA’s music to the girl in Mean Girls who “doesn’t even go here but wants everyone to get along,” explaining that her band’s music is for a “sensitive soul” who has a lot of feelings.

You can check out the full video interview with MUNA above.


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