Chris Jobe Brings Addiction to Light In Powerful 'Make It All Better' Video: Exclusive

Chris Jobe
 Alex Berger

Chris Jobe

Chris Jobe pulls on the heartstrings with his emotional new song “Make It All Better,” featuring Abigail Rose. The Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist penned the song with his collaborator, and the pair trade verses on the song about addiction.

Despite the dark subject matter, Rose’s warm vocals alongside slick pop production and delicate keyboard parts make for an ear-grabbing and overall uplifting track.

“This song touches on the darkness that, at times, a loved one cannot escape no matter how much you want to pull them out of it,” Jobe tells Billboard. “It's that feeling when your person is spiraling down, and all you want to do is grab them and make it okay -- but they're already too far gone.”

Jobe says “Make It All Better” wrote itself, with the help of featured vocalist Rose. “It felt like a gift. Working with her is so easy because she has a million and one ideas -- plus her voice is so unique and cool,” he adds. “Hopefully we did this song right so that it can help others, as it has helped us.”

In the video for the song, which Billboard premieres below today (Aug. 9), Jobe plays the role of a man struggling with addiction. The concept was taken from real life, as he and producer/co-director Olivia Timms have both dealt with addiction in their families. The couple put the concept of the video together during a drive from Nashville to Dayton, Ohio.

“The narrative conveys a loving friendship that is seemingly perfect on the surface, but as the story progresses, we learn that my character is struggling with drug abuse,” Jobe explains. “From the L.A. Zoo and a desolate collection of cages and empty exhibits, to a motel party and a graffiti'd drug house, [director] Daniel Watt helped us capture the parallels between the objective world (Abigail's reality) and the addict's world (my reality)... We hope this video can get people talking about addiction more openly, as its usually something that is swept under the rug in malignant embarrassment.” 

Jobe, 25, will be featured on NBC’s Songland later this month. Watch his video for “Make It All Better” below.