Post Malone Debuts Very On-Brand, Special Edition Bud Light Can

Post Malone
Adam Degross/Courtesy of Bud Light

Post Malone holding his custom Bud Light can.

On the heels of his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour show, Post Malone stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk new music and his special partnership with Bud Light.

Malone revealed his custom Bud Light can as the two played beer pong, and it looks exactly how you'd expect it to. Everything is blue -- including the "Sunflower" star's front-and-center face -- and features barbed wires, swords, and medieval dragons. The iconic 16-ounce can also features his autograph and pays homage to his hometown in Texas with a state outline and steer skeleton. 

“I’m so excited for this can. It’s something I was very passionate about and it’s so sick to see my mug on a Bud Light can,” Malone also said in a statement.

With this special edition can, both Malone and the company are raising a glass and celebrating to the rapper's genuine love for Bud. They also recently released a limited edition merch line, which can be found here.

The can will be available this fall in select cities on Malone's upcoming Runaway Tour. He also shared a clip of his new song "Circles," to be released next week, and shared his third album is slated for a Sept. release.

Check out a pic of the can, as well as a video from the Aug. 6 segment, below.

Courtesy of Bud Light
Post Malone x Bud Light can.