Popsicle's Double Pops Making a Comeback Due to Justin Bieber's Tweet

Justin Bieber
Courtesy of SB Projects

Justin Bieber

Looking to keep doubly cool this summer? Justin Bieber's got your back. 

Back on May 21, both Bieber and manager Scooter Braun took to social media when they realized that Popsicle's Double Pops were nowhere to be found.

On Twitter, Bieber tagged Popsicle, saying "We need those back!" Braun made his own post on Instagram, calling it an "outrage!!!"

Lucky for them, Popsicle took notice and responded to Bieber's tweet, saying "we'll see what we can do for you." 

On Tuesday, Popsicle announced that a limited batch of the Double Pops has been made. And, for 100k retweets, Popsicle promises to make the comeback permanent.

Given that Bieber already retweeted Popsicle's tweet to his 106 million followers, the goal should be reached in no time, though Popsicle won't announce the outcome until July 23.

The Double Pops were reportedly discontinued in 1986 because they were too "messy," according to a 1987 The New York Times article. But they must have come back at some point in Bieber's lifetime (he was born in 1994) or he wouldn't remember them so fondly.