Billy Joel Talks Wanting to Share a Stage With Jimi Hendrix: 'I Would Just Sit Back and Shut the F--k Up'

This week’s Billboard magazine cover star Billy Joel took some time during his photo shoot to play “Fishing For Answers,” as he revealed what his favorite song to play is, how he would describe his songwriting process, which artist (past or present) he would want to join him on stage, and much more.

Joel kicks things off with an age old dad joke, as when he pulls out the very first question from the fishbowl, he pretends to read, “Help! I'm a prisoner in a Chinese bakery.”

He then launches into answering some questions, including what his favorite song to play is (naming “You May Be Right”) and what his songwriting process is like (“It's like pulling teeth,” he says).

Asked which of his lyrics means the most to him, Joel replies that it is tough to pick just one.

“They all mean a lot to me, 'cause they were all a pain in the ass to write,” he shares. “Depends on what day it is. Right now I would say ‘Summer, Highland Falls.’ Tomorrow it'll probably be something different.”

As for which artist, past or present, he would love to bring on stage with him, Joel names Jimi Hendrix, explaining, “I would just sit back and shut the fuck up.”

Posed with the question of which other artist’s album he would want to one day perform live in concert, Joel replies that it would be The BeatlesRubber Soul. “I don't know how much piano they have, but I'll figure something out,” he states.

Finally, he pulls a question asking which song he has to play at every show, to which he replies, “Duh. It's ‘Piano Man.’ We can't do a show without doing that song.”

You can check out the full video interview with Billy Joel above.