Ashley O & Ally Are Fictional Crossover Gold With 'On a Roll'/'Why Did You Do That' Mashup: Listen

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Getty; Peter Lindbergh/Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Miley Cyrus as Ashley O (left) and Lady Gaga as Ally

It's the stuff that Pop Twitter dreams are made of: Mashup artist AnDy Wu has done the world the great service as mashing up two of the great fictional pop songs of the last year, performed by two of the IRL greatest pop stars of the 21st century: Lady Gaga/Ally's "Why Did You Do That" from A Star Is Born, and Miley Cyrus/Ashley O's "On a Roll" from Black Mirror

The combo cut, which debuted on YouTube in late June but is now going viral, splits the difference between the two faux-bops in impressively egalitarian fashion, seamlessly toggling between the vocals and beats of each, even within the same verse or chorus. Wu is hardly the first person to draw the parallels between Ashley O and Ally or their respective signature solo hits, but the mashup really draws out their many similarities -- down to the brightly colored dye jobs donned by the two stars in their accompanying videos. 

And wow, does it work. Almost regardless of which vocal is being laid over which beat, the mashup's momentum never sags, as each of the two songs just seem to add to the other's cheese-pop thrust. Both songs toe the line between pop satire and pop gold so giddily that the rush of hearing them both at once feels almost like a health risk.

Just in case we didn't properly appreciate how lucky we were to get both of them within a nine-month period, Wu's mashup makes it clear what a glorious time this is for established pop stars playing dress-up as cartoonish alternate-timeline versions of their former selves. 

Watch the video below, and make sure to have the choreography from both videos down pat by next year's talent show.