Miley Cyrus Celebrates Sexuality, Diversity and Pride in Empowering 'Mother's Daughter' Video: Watch

Miley Cyrus pulls no punches in the provocative video for "Mother's Daughter," which dropped on Tuesday morning (July 2).  

The clip opens with the title page "every woman is a riot," cutting to Cyrus dressed in a blood-red, full-body latex outfit, amid flashes of what appear to be two nipples circling each other and a close-up of women's underwear and a tongue running over braces-covered teeth.  

Wearing a red face shield and two handfuls of rings, Cyrus -- who conceptualized the visuals with director Alexandre Moors -- gyrates to the song's pulsing beat, crawling on the floor as the message "you are f*** beautiful" flashes alongside a naked image of plus-size model Angelina Duplisea reclining on a couch.

The video for the song about taking back the power is heavy on messages such as "Virginity is a social construct," "Feminist AF," "Not an object" and the more playful "Tough titties," and features cameos from Antiguan-American black, transgender, disabled model Aaron Philip, 6’7” friend and frequent stage companion Amazon Ashley, Angelina Duplisea, trans activist/model Casil McArthur, skateboarder Lacey Baker, Pay Your Back chief change agent and tween Flint water crisis activist Mari Copeny, singer/dancer/activist Melanie Sierra, dancer/choreographer Paige Fralix, activist Tydryn Scott and model Vendela, as well as Cyrus' mother, Tish. It portrays women in all shapes and sizes, in classic and modern poses to emphasize the track's central refrain: "don't fuck with my freedom."

At one point, Cyrus appears atop a horse as Joan of Arc in golden armor raising a sword, closing with a shot of the Cyrus women on a couch together as Tish sips some tea. “As a black girl in a wheelchair who happens to be trans -- I just want to have a good life and do good in whatever my endeavors consist of, regardless of what that might mean in the face of oppression. I do not identify or label myself as an activist, but that’s just because I care- and I think everyone should, activist or not. I fight for my freedom by being myself," says clip co-star Aaron Philip in a statement. 

Skateboarder Lacey Baker adds, "Taking a stand for the women and queer community in skateboarding has brought me to life in a powerful way. It’s crucial to create space for marginalized communities every single day, and the platform I have through skateboarding is a perfect vehicle for this. There is so much love to share in the LGBTQ communities all over the world, and to be able to tap into this love through skateboarding is so beautiful. The queer community gives me so much fucking life. #LGBTQ #PRIDE."

She Is Coming is the first of a three-EP set, each of which will contain six songs.

Watch the "Mother's Daughter" clip below.