Miami Horror Keeps Swinging in Campy 'Restless' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Miami Horror
 Leo Volcy

Miami Horror

Electronic funk group Miami Horror continues to serve winning jams in the wonderfully campy video for their latest single “Restless.”

In a video directed by Keenan Wetzel, two fledgling tennis recruits look to sharpen their skills but end up finding their perfect match at a glamorous beachside training retreat. The idyllic location, shot in Malibu, embodies the vibrant, dreamy production and unabashed affection in the song’s lyrics.

“The director Keenan and I both felt the song lent itself to the nostalgic moment of beginning a relationship with someone,” frontman Benjamin Plant tells Billboard. “That initial restlessness you feel when two people are trying to feel each other, mixed with both the innocence and the excitement of new beginnings.”

The track reinfuses the band’s easygoing, retro sound while also marking a return to their collaborative spirit, this time with producer and artist Kevin Lavitt. The dance beat volleys between the new and old as the soulful vocal turn and funky production mesh with a modern electronic twist. The video follows the same sentiment with a '70s-inspired concept.

“We both also felt like the story should be told in a quirky setting from which Keenan came up with the idea of the tennis guru's ranch, reminiscent of the many '70s self-help communities and sects that existed at the time,” Plant explains.

As the band’s first offering since their 2017 EP The Shapes, “Restless” promises an exciting set to come.

Check out the video for “Restless” below.