Maude Latour Takes a Trip Through the Galaxy With 'Starsick': Exclusive

Maude Latour
Lola Lafia

Maude Latour

What do you do when you’re sick of giving all your time and energy to songs about silly boys who broke your heart? Turn inwards and ask yourself about what really matters -- your best friends, the planet, your dreams. That’s what 19-year-old singer-songwriter Maude Latour does with her new song, “Starsick,” premiering today (June 27), exclusively via Billboard.

Written as a gift for her best friend, on "Starsick," the NYC-based artist exhibits her worldliness and takes a trip to the stars. The track begins with quiet, a capella hums as Latour meditates, “I’ve got a plan for how we'll run the world/ I was watching TV, then I was talking to God.” Soon after, it bursts into a synth-heavy frenzy.

There’s a true, genuine feeling that this song is pure catharsis for Latour, and it is for the listener too, with its intoxicating sparkle. “I get a little star sick when we talk about love/ ‘Cause I don’t know a thing about love,” she sings with a Lorde-like growl over a beat as mesmerizing as a long night in Joshua Tree, which is what inspired the song.

"I was done writing about stupid love songs, sick and drained of the stories of the boys who broke my heart. I needed to write about what I actually was consumed by...my dreams for the ideal planet, solar power, how the feeling of loving your best friend is one step removed from enlightenment,” Latour tells Billboard of the track, which was produced by Alexander 23. “[The song] is about being drunk on transcendence, in my lows and in my highs, I feel connected to this overpowering awareness of my mortality. It is what makes life beautiful. This is my 'thank you' to existence," she adds.

There’s no word of a debut album just yet, but Latour is currently a freshman at Columbia University, where she studies philosophy and political science.

Listen to the track below.