Tayla Parx Highlights Singer-Songwriters for Her Black Music Innovators Playlist

Tayla Parx
Madeleine Dalla

Tayla Parx

As part of Billboard’s Black Music Month celebration, we've asked Black artists spanning all genres to compile their own unique playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. Each song they've chosen reflects their admiration for fellow artists -- from previous generations to the new millennial era -- who have made an impact on the culture. Today, singer-songwriter Tayla Parx shares her soundtrack.

"African-American singer-songwriters have had such a beautiful impact on multiple genres of music over time," Tayla Parx tells Billboard about her curation. "The artists that I put on this playlist are people I feel continuously pushed the boundaries for their creative peers and their listeners.

"The power that lies within being an artist who’s making music that expands your fans palette is worth far more than a stream or album sale. They inspired me and dared me to be myself, whether people get it now or in the future."

Tayla Parx's debut project, We Need to Talk, was released on April 5. She recently wrapped up her stint on Lizzo's Cuz I Love You Tour as the opening act. Check out her playlist, which includes reggae jams like Koffee's "Toast" and classic R&B anthems like Ne-Yo's "So Sick," below.