What Is Your Favorite Taylor Swift Music Video? Vote!

Valheria Rocha
Taylor Swift

After the release of her new star-studded video for "You Need to Calm Down" on Monday (June 17), it's safe to say Taylor Swift knows how to make a good music video. Whether it's heavy with special guests or special effects, Swift knows that more is more. Fans can always expect an over-the-top visual for her just-as-dramatic tunes.

Swift really went out of her way to create the video for "ME!" too, with CGI everything and splattered paint galore. Remember when she turned into some type of cyborg alien creature in the "...Ready for It?" video? How about when she wrecked a guy's car in "Blank Space"? Or when she enlisted a ton of dancers for "Shake It Off"?

Even all the way back in her country days, she managed to turn up the drama. Like in her video for "White Horse," which is mostly made up of her sitting in the corner and crying over a boy. The singer had a theatrical vision from the very beginning.

There's no doubt that Swift has rocked a ton of different looks and made a lot of great videos throughout her career. But which one is your favorite?

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