Julian Lamadrid Debuts Stirring, Self-Directed Video For 'Mess': Watch

Shervin Lainez
Julian Lamadrid

New York-based artist Julian Lamadrid released his new video for "Mess" on Friday (June 14).

The self-directed visual begins with Lamadrid sitting at a piano and singing as he slowly unveils his beaten-up face. The video then flashes back to the night he got beat up, as the artist is shown at a party when he sees a woman getting harrassed by a man, which motivates him to walk over and hit the guy with his beer bottle. The two get into a fight, which results in Lamadrid getting kicked outside on the curb.

The singer continues to be a literal mess as he wanders through the night, walking downtown. "Feel like I'm stuck in a puzzle, screaming to throw me a bone/ Sick of standing alone in the rain/ Slowly the nausea it turns and it's taking its toll," he sings, letting his inner turmoil unwravel.

"Mess" is the lead single off of Lamadrid's forthcoming album Mala Noche, due for a late fall release via Arista Records. 

“I find that when producing a song, the sonic and visual aspects go hand in hand," the singer, who produced the entire album, said in a statement. "In fact, it is quite hard to separate the two in my mind. So, when writing my song ‘Mess,’ the image of a bloodied-up boy, drunkenly stumbling the streets of New York instantly came to mind. The character within the film is an extension of myself. I do not present a hero, he is quite the opposite.”

Watch below.