Ed Sheeran Proudly Puts Ketchup on His Fancy Meal in Hilarious Heinz Ad: Watch

Ed Sheeran
Courtesy Photo

Ed Sheeran in a commercial for Heinz.

Ed Sheeran's love for Heinz ketchup has gone commercial -- literally. The ginger-haired singer stars in a new Heinz ad that was unveiled Monday (June 17).

The minute-long bit sees Sheeran narrating his experience in a "super posh" restaurant, eating a meal of "super fancy" vegetables and sauces. While the food looked good, he felt there was something missing. Naturally, he pulls out a bottle of Heinz ketchup, which he calls "the only thing that would complete me."

This doesn't exactly go over well at the swanky restaurant, but Ed doesn't care. He tucks a napkin into his shirt and dives in, with a smile on his face and ketchup in tow.

The ad is exactly what Sheeran pitched to Heinz in a direct message on Instagram in April, when he shouted out the brand in a post asking to slide in his DMs. His efforts not only resulted in his own Heinz commercial, but also his own Heinz bottle, aptly dubbed "Edchup." Sheeran revealed Edchup on June 5 -- otherwise known as National Ketchup Day -- and the special bottles have already sold out, but you can follow Heinz on Instagram for updates on when more will be available.

Watch Sheeran's Heinz ad below.