Vérité Returns With Haunting New 'Gone' Video: Premiere

Renata Raksha


Singer/songwriter Vérité is back with her first track in nearly two years, "Gone," premiering exclusively via Billboard today (June 13).

“There’s no getting used to the quiet you’re leaving/ it’s louder than screaming,” she sings, absolutely devastated over the thought of losing everything. Co-produced and written by Madi Diaz and Konrad Snyder, haunting synths roar over reverb-heavy drums, creating a big, atmospheric space.

The accompanying video is a breath of fresh air, as Vérité wanders around nature along with other women. They dance in a big, empty field, seemingly letting go of something -- or at least trying to.

“I’m so so excited about the music video for ‘Gone,’” the artist tells Billboard. “I’ve worked with director Charlie Manton for all of my music videos. He always brings such a cinematic quality to everything he does and takes any idea I have and makes it better. For this video, we wanted a stark contrast from what we’ve done in the past, while making something beautiful and visually captivating. Two main shifts from our prior videos are movement and the expansive backdrop of Ojai. Gone is such an explosive song, we wanted to match that energy. I worked with Pia Vinson on movement and was so lucky to have her dance as a representation of the song.”

"This is an introduction to this new era and our goal was to create something simple and striking to set the scene,” she continues. “I view this video as setting the tone for what’s to come.”

Watch the spine-tingling "Gone" clip below.