Bebe Rexha Says She Wants to Collaborate on a 'Girl Anthem' With Ariana Grande

Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
Bebe Rexha attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. 10, 2019 in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, Bebe Rexha took to Twitter to tell fans that she would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande. "Yes x1000 I wanna do like a girl anthem," she wrote in response to a fan who asked if she would be open to a collab with her fellow pop star.

Rexha answered a string of questions after telling her fans to send some in. One fan asked if the singer is writing any new songs, to which she responded, "Yes always." Another person asked, "What advice do you have on how to love yourself more?" and she responded, "Say nice things about yourself when you wake up in the morning. Every day for two weeks. Then you will do it naturally."

She shared some other fun facts, too, telling fans that an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half tea) is her favorite drink, Game of Thrones was the last show she watched, and it was indeed fun to fake-poison The Chainsmokers in the "Call You Mine" video.

The singer also confirmed that a new single is on the way (once they choose it) and that she will most likely embark on a headlining tour after she wraps up the Happiness Begins Tour in support of The Jonas Brothers' upcoming album.

See Rexha's tweet about teaming up with Grande below.