Jonas Brothers Talk Initial Reunion, Answer a Burning Q From Miley Cyrus in New Interview: Watch

The Jonas Brothers
Courtesy of Capital FM

The Jonas Brothers during an interview on Capital FM.

The Jonas Brothers sat down with Capital FM to talk about the road to their upcoming album Happiness Begins, and answer a question from an old pal.

First, the brothers opened up about the early stages in the video interview, uploaded May 29. "We’d written one song, Joe and I. For a potential DNCE song," Nick recalled when talking about life after their break-up. "We didn’t use it," Joe added with a chuckle.

"When we dove in to write this new music, it was really the beginning of the process. It all started with the documentary that we made last year…just to tell our story from childhood into the beginning of our career and our lives now as solo people," Nick explained, adding that rekindling the band was what they needed to do in order to heal their family.

"It was actually Nick both ways," Kevin said when asked who was responsible for the initial reunion. "He talked to us at different times in different perspectives. You really see that moment. Joe definitely changes his whole perspective. He was last to the party. He was not into doing this at all again. But his whole attitude just shifts through the arc of the film. It’s really cool," Kevin added.

Miley Cyrus also dialed in with a quick question for the band: “Did it feel so good taking off your purity ring?” Joe took the lead and responded with a simple, “Yeah.”

No doubt, the JoBros have a very busy year ahead. Their documentary Chasing Happiness premieres on Amazon Prime Video next week (June 4), followed by Happiness Begins, due June 7. After that, they head out on tour, which kicks off at Capital’s Summertime Ball at London’s Wembley Stadium. “We have a big surprise. Huge. We can’t tell you what it is,” the group teased about the upcoming performance. “Don’t miss our set, because it’s going to be crazy,” Joe added. A memoir from the brothers is also due in the fall.

Watch the full interview below.