Fletcher Tries to Extract the Memory Of Her Ex On 'About You': Listen

Grace Pickering

Pop singer Fletcher found her breakthrough moment with her single “Undrunk,” a pulsing breakup anthem released earlier this year. With her first Hot 100 entry and tens of millions of stream, the 25-year-old began her rise to stardom.

On Friday (May 24), Fletcher continues that ascent with the release of “About You,” another pop banger about the end of a relationship, but this time with a twist. Where “Undrunk” saw the singer bitterly wishing she could go back and never get together with her significant other, “About You” finds her in doing the opposite as she reminisces on their relationship and wonders why she can’t let it go.

“I'm not tired/ I'm not lonely/ So why does my mind go back to when you used to hold me?” she asks.

The new track was produced by Malay, the producer behind “Undrunk,” her upcoming EP and some artists like Frank Ocean, Lorde and Sam Smith.

In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Fletcher said that working with the producer was a dream come true. “I was such a fan of his sonic palette -- as edgy as the words are, I wanted the production to match that,” she said. “He really made it a safe, collaborative space to come up with crazy ideas.”

Check out Fletcher’s new song “About You” below: