Anna Clendening Confronts Her 'Anxiety' in Powerful Video: Exclusive

Lindsey Byrnes
Anna Clendening

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Anna Clendening is facing off against a panic attack in the poignant video for “Anxiety,” premiering exclusively today (May 8) on Billboard.

The Los Angeles by-way-of North Carolina artist is pulling back the curtain on her own experiences with anxiety in an unflinching visual, directed by Zelda Williams.

“The making of the music video for ‘Anxiety’ was super personal to me,” Clendening tells Billboard. “I wanted people to see first-hand what a panic attack was like, for myself.”

The video’s release coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month, and Clendening submits that the video is part of an effort to elevate the conversation beyond baseless stigmas. By choosing to face the camera head-on while battling obsessive ticks, suffocating isolation and a palpably heightened stress level, Clendening admirably grasps the weight of her story and bridges the gap between the preconceived notions of a mental health disorder and actually living alongside it.

“I wanted to start a conversation with this video, about mental health, because that’s what we need; a conversation,” she insists. “It is still a taboo subject with a stigma around it, but hopefully showing people even the most intimate moments like mine will help normalize mental health awareness.”

“Anxiety” is the latest single from Clendening’s waves EP which arrived in February via East West Records.

Check out the video for “Anxiety” below.