Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins Tour: A Fantasy Set List

The Jonas Brothers announced Wednesday (May 1) that they're hitting the road this fall, with the Happiness Begins tour kicking off on Aug. 7. As fans across North America have been rejoicing, some have likely begun thinking about all the songs the JoBros might play on tour -- or at least, that's what Billboard has been up to.   

The bros played their biggest show since their reunion in Minneapolis last month, playing 19 songs that mostly served as a trip down memory lane with classics like "That's Just the Way We Roll" and "Lovebug." But with their fifth album, Happiness Begins, arriving on June 7, they'll have a whole batch of new tunes to play. So which ones will make the cut? We'll see later this summer. For now, check out what Billboard thinks the ultimate 2019 Jonas Brothers set list would look like:   

"Burnin Up"   

The guys have opened with their 2008 smash at every show they’ve played since announcing their reunion, so it’d be no surprise if that continues on the tour. The song’s adrenaline-pumping chorus as well as its epic start and finish – and that iconic Big Rob rap – make it a no-brainer to kick things off.

"That’s Just the Way We Roll"  

With the excitement high right off the bat, might as well roll into another energetic fan-favorite. Just the undulating guitar riff of “That’s Just the Way We Roll” would be enough to get the nostalgia really flowing.


After starting with two oldies, it’s time for something new. “Cool” is a perfect segue from the classics, providing both a head-bopping beat and same charming wit JoBro fans have grown to love.

"BB Good"

The spirited A Little Bit Longer deep cut would be a fun addition before diving into more new songs and old hits. Plus, when the Jonas Brothers dusted off this track at their Minneapolis show last month, its chantey chorus proved to still be a set list asset.

"Lovebug"/"Fly With Me"

Two of the most beloved love songs in the Jonas Brothers’ discography, their building tempos and singsongy choruses would make for one hell of a mashup. Nick actually teased the idea of a “Lovebug”/”Fly With Me” combo at their secret show in NYC, but there’s no evidence because phones weren’t allowed at that performance – we need to hear it again!

"Feelin’ Alive"

Giving another non-single time to shine, “Feelin’ Alive” is a song that would be enjoyable for Jonas die-hards and newbies alike thanks to its anthemic melody. Besides, they can’t knock out all the classics too early.

"Hold On"

Once “Feelin’ Alive” gets everyone’s blood pumping, fans will be all ready to jump up and down (and likely lose their sh*t) over this oldie-but-goodie. Its positive message is right in line with the joy JB is hoping to bring with their latest album, but the sentimentality of the 2007 track makes the feels extra heightened.

"Play My Music"

Though the brothers have sworn off another Camp Rock installment, they had some fun with this energetic jam (as well as “Gotta Find You” and Camp Rock 2 favorite “Introducing Me”) in Minneapolis – so a song from one of the two films is not totally out of the question. Any Camp Rock tune would get fans riled up, but “Play My Music” would definitely result in the most dancing.

"I Believe­"

Time for another new song. Fans haven’t heard this Happiness Begins track yet, but Nick revealed in Billboard’s recent cover story that it’s his favorite on the album, so it’ll likely make an appearance on the set list.


This hauntingly catchy Lines, Vines and Trying Times single is fun to both dance and sing to, but isn’t so high-energy that it’ll wear anyone out for the second half the show – except maybe those who try hitting Joe’s power note on the bridge.

"Jealous"/"Cake By the Ocean"/"Who I Am"

Gotta give a little love to the side projects. But with so many other songs to still get to at this point, a medley of the three biggest hits would be a great solution. And to give Kevin a shout-out too, perhaps the backdrop could be a video of Kevin’s adorable daughters dancing? They seem to love Jonas Brothers tunes, after all.

"A Little Bit Longer"

As if fans hadn’t been hit with the feels yet, “A Little Bit Longer” would definitely result in an arena full of tears. But while it is emotional, the song is a meaningful one for fans and the brothers alike – it’s Nick’s bittersweet narrative about living with diabetes – and would make for a powerful testament to the Jonas Brothers’ journey.

New Song

As fans finish wiping up their tears, it would be a great time to play something new – particularly an uptempo track.


Whether or not the new song before this is upbeat, the racing melody and punchy guitar riff of “Tonight” would surely get everyone back on their feet – especially because they haven’t played it since February 2013.

"Much Better"

This piano-tinged Lines, Vines and Trying Times cut would be an unexpected, but much appreciated move for the stans. Its airy melody and smooth vocals are right in line with the Jonas Brothers’ new, more mature vibe, making it a fun and fitting addition.

New Song

Considering the bros named their tour after their latest album, they’ll likely want to play a handful of Happiness Begins tunes. While fans still don’t know what the set has in store, this would be the perfect time for the guys to deliver one more ballad.

"Still in Love With You"/"Just Friends"

This deep into the set list, fans are going to start expecting classics – so why not hit them with two fan favorites from ’07? “Still In Love With You” sparked a frenzy at the Jonas Brothers’ Minneapolis show, and mashing it up with “Just Friends” would take the pandemonium to the next level.


Fans have yet to hear this Happiness Begins track, but Nick mentioned to Billboard that “Hesitate” is Joe’s love story with Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. No matter how the song sounds, it’d be adorable to see Joe sing it live, especially now that the two are officially husband and wife.

"Year 3000"

Despite the fact that “Year 3000” is technically a cover, a Jonas Brothers concert wouldn’t be complete without the futuristic jam. And coming in just before the pre-encore, the lively throwback would be a perfect distraction so fans don’t realize the show is almost over.


One of the most iconic songs in the Jonas discography, “SOS” is a quintessential pre-encore fake-out: It’ll get the whole crowd dancing, everyone knows it, and the energy is so fun you forget there’s two more hits they haven’t sung. Plus, the song’s fade out would make for a dramatic pseudo ending, confetti and all.


"When You Look Me in the Eyes"

A dynamically pivotal part of the JB catalog, “When You Look Me In the Eyes” is as emotional as it is moving, especially when 16,000 flashlights fill the arena. With the next era of the JoBros just beginning, the 2007 ballad could be a sweet time for some Jonas Brothers flashback vids. Might as well get one more round of feels in before going home, right?


The super-catchy single is the complete package when it comes to a finale, with its fiery melody and in-your-face beat. But while it has already proven to be the biggest song of their career, “Sucker” is so much more than a No. 1 hit: It’s the song that reignited the Jonas Brothers pandemonium and showed that the guys are already having a blast with this second go-around. So even if “Sucker” does end the show, it marks the beginning of so much more to come.