Billie Eilish Proves She's the Ultimate 'The Office' Fan as Rainn Wilson Quizzes Her on Show Trivia: Watch

By now, any Billie Eilish fan is well aware that the singer is a huge aficionado when it comes to the television show The Office, seeing as she weaved some quotes from the show into her song “my strange addiction.” But is that enough proof for Eilish to be crowned queen of the Office fandom? Well, Billboard sent Rainn Wilson, who portrayed Dwight Schrute on the iconic series, to Eilish’s house to surprise her and to quiz her on some show-related trivia.

In the video, Wilson arrives at the front door to a house, announcing to the camera that he is visiting the world’s No. 1 Office fan and he is setting out to find out if that information is true. “It’s apparently a young man named Billy,” he jokingly says.

Upon answering the door, Eilish confesses to Wilson that she has watched the show 12 times. “In all seriousness, how have you watched the show 12 times and you have an album and you’re headlining arenas?” Wilson questions, before sitting down with “William Eyelash” to test her on her Office knowledge.

Overall, Eilish does a rather stellar job, earning herself a special handmade reward that viewers will recognize from the “Office Olympics” episode of the show. “This will go well with your goth bling,” Wilson tells her as he gifts her the yogurt lid medal.

Questions range from what the full name of the charity 5K fun run was to what Jan’s candle company was called to what the robot butler was named in the “Threat Level Midnight" episode.

Wilson throws in another great question, asking Eilish which song she wrote for Dwight, giving her the choices of “ocean eyes” and, as he calls it, “bad boy.”

So, does Rainn Wilson ultimately consider Billie Eilish to be the No. 1 fan of The Office? Check out the full video above to find out.

Billie Eilish Quizzed On 'The Office' Trivia by Rainn Wilson | Billboard News