Jonas Brothers Laugh Over Old Haircuts, Playing Pranks on Each Other & More: Watch

Get ready for a round of "how well do you know your bandmates?"

This week’s Billboard magazine cover stars the Jonas Brothers were tested on how well they know one another, as they determined which band member cries the most during movies, who the biggest Game of Thrones fan is, who had the best hair in the 2000s, and much more.

The game kicks off with the question of which band member is the most likely to tear up during a film, and Nick, Joe and Kevin all pick Kevin, of course. “I watched Lion King again with my daughters for the first time,” Kevin notes. “It kills you, man.”

As for which Jonas brother is the biggest Game of Thrones fan, the guys go with another obvious answer, Joe, seeing as he is engaged to the show’s Sansa Stark (aka Sophie Turner). “If you like it so much, why don't you marry it?,” Nick says jokingly to his brother.

The trio also discuss playing pranks on each other, with Joe and Nick naming Joe as the biggest prankster. Asked what the most recent prank Joe played was, he begins by sharing a story that took place during their "Cool" video shoot, but Nick cuts him off, stating with a laugh that the real prank was him allowing Joe and Kevin to be in the music video at all.

Next, the JoBros recall who had the best hair in the 2000s, to which Nick replies that Joe’s hair was “so long and pretty.” Joe, meanwhile, points out that Kevin’s mutton chops were “legendary,” to which Kevin replies, “Regret.”

In the video, which you can watch in full above, the band also vote on who has the best style, who has the best pickup lines, and which of the three receives the loudest screams on stage. Plus, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at their Billboard magazine cover shoot below.