Robin Thicke Reveals His Dream 'Masked Singer' Contestant & Why JAY-Z is His Role Model: Watch

Robin Thicke sat down with Billboard to play a game of “Fishing For Answers,” as he revealed who his dream Masked Singer contestant would be, why he considers Jay-Z to be his role model, and why he’s a huge H.E.R. fan.

Thicke, who serves as a judge on The Masked Singer, is asked which celebrity he would like to see compete on the television game show, to which he says that he thinks Will Smith would make a great addition.

“He has such a big personality and a great sense of humor,” Thicke explains. “Can probably sing a little bit and we might not know it, so we might not even recognize his singing voice. So I think he would be a great person to have.”

Posed with the question of who in the music industry he most looks up to, Thicke divulges that he has been “honored” to have received some “great guidance” from Jay-Z. “Now I'm a member of the Roc Nation family, and every time I get a chance to talk to Jay, I always get some amazing piece of advice that will help my life or career in some way,” says Thicke.

As for who his favorite emerging artist is at the moment, Thicke names H.E.R., stating that he saw her and met her at Clive Davis' Grammy party this year and that he and his eight-year-old son Julian saw her again when she performed at the Grammys. “Very exciting, special young lady,” he says. “Wonderful music.”

You can check out the full video above to find out even more about Robin Thicke, including what the first concert he ever attended was, what the last text he sent was, and why he thinks social media has significantly changed the music industry.