Frankie Hits the Boxing Ring in 'When I'm Ready' Video: Exclusive

Sam Berger


Pop singer Frankie has dropped the bombastic video for her new single “When I’m Ready,” premiering exclusively on Billboard Tuesday (April 2).

In the video, the indie pop singer recovers from being dumped by her significant other by getting in the ring of an L.A. boxing gym.

“When I’m ready/I won’t be so sad/Curled up in a ball cause I want you back/When I’m ready/I’ll be ready,” she sings from the mat of the ring, after being knocked down by her opponent.

Calling the new track “an anthem for dumpees,” Frankie tells Billboard how both boxing and songwriting helped her heal and move on.

“I had taken up boxing all last year and I didn't realize that it became therapy for me,” she says. “You fall, you get back up. You get hurt, you get back up. Literally and metaphorically…It felt like a perfect fit, because this song is all about transformation and boxing was for me as well."

Frankie adds that the what-doesn't-kill-you-makes-you-stronger philosophy applies to "When I’m Ready," which is one of eight songs on Frankie’s latest EP, Sta7ges. "I love this video, because it’s about growth and about facing yourself so you can stop being your own worst enemy and meet the most powerful self you can be," she says.

Sta7ges details the singer’s journey through the seven stages of grief following her breakup; check it out here, and get a first look at the video for “When I’m Ready” below.