Lauv & Troye Sivan Say 'I'm So Tired' Is About 'When You Miss Somebody & Everything Reminds You Of Them'

For this week’s episode of “How It Went Down,” Billboard caught up with Lauv and Troye Sivan to find out how they created their collaborative track “I’m So Tired.”

Sivan tells Billboard that he and Lauv decided to get together to write some new music and that towards the end of the day, Lauv played him a short chorus on his laptop that he had previously toyed around with. “I just like fully flipped out,” Sivan recalls. “Like outwardly flipped out.” So the pair began writing verses and a pre-chorus, creating what eventually became “I’m So Tired.”

Sivan notes that while he and Lauv originally wrote the track in June of last year, they had been constantly tweaking it since then, including one huge change that involved cutting out a bridge. “It was a tough one to see go for me, personally, I loved the bridge,” says Sivan, explaining that while he really enjoyed that part, it made the song sound too much like a club remix.

In the process of making “I’m So Tired,” Sivan and Lauv also recruited songwriter Oscar Görres (who worked on Sivan’s latest album Bloom) for some additional assistance. “[Görres] did exactly what I hoped he would do,” states Sivan. “[Lauv] is a crazy good producer and already got it…The heart was there. Everything was already there. It just needed some kind of piecing together, I think, with someone with [a] fresh perspective.”

As for the song’s lyrics, Lauv reveals that his favorite lines come from the pre-chorus, including “hurts like heaven,” “lost in the sound,” and “buzz cut season.”

“We were sitting in my backyard kinda just talking about that process of when you miss somebody and everything reminds you of them,” Lauv shares. “You kind of on purpose listen to all the songs that you guys used to listen to together, or songs that you were listening to when you guys broke up.”

“I think when you're going through a breakup it's a very, very lonely experience,” adds Sivan. “Because the person that you would normally turn to to get you through this kind of thing in your life, you can't turn to them.”

“I'm hoping that by talking about it and singing about it, hopefully this song is gonna be there for somebody when they're in that moment of, like, God I just really, really wish you were here and miss you, and I'm lost without you kinda thing,” he continues. “I hope that they can listen to this song that kind of is, in a strange way, a little bit uplifting while still feeling understood by it.”

You can hear the full story of how Lauv and Troye Sivan created “I’m So Tired” by checking out the video above.