Beebo Returns in Panic! At The Disco's 'Dancing's Not A Crime' Video: Watch

Panic! At The Disco - Dancing's Not A Crime (
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Panic! At The Disco, "Dancing's Not A Crime"

Panic! At The Disco dropped their new video for “Dancing’s Not A Crime” on Monday (March 18) and it features a familiar (felt) face.

The Amazing Beebo -- frontman Brendon Urie’s hard-partying puppet alter ego -- stars in the video. (Beebo made his first appearance in the visual for “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.”)

In the new clip, Urie scores Beebo VIP passes to a Panic! show and the puppet proceeds to live the high life during the concert, wreaking havoc and making friends along the way.

“Whatever they tell you/Dancing!/Dancing!/Dancing’s not a crime, ‘less you do it without me,” Urie belts out on stage as Beebo crashes a soundcheck, gets drunk on top of crew equipment and revels in the fun with fellow concertgoers. Urie eventually gives Beebo a stern talking-to.

“Dancing’s Not a Crime” is the latest track to procure a music video off the band’s sixth LP, Pray For The Wicked.

Watch Beebo get into even more mischief below.