Filous and Louis III Team Up For Breezy 'All My Friends Are Rich': Exclusive

Marcella Ruiz Cruz
filous & Louis III

Austrian producer filous has tapped UK vocalist Louis III for his latest bop, titled “All My Friends Are Rich,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (March 14).

The upbeat song is tinged with flious’ signature blend of R&B and synth-pop, accompanied by wishful lyrics about living life in the clouds with rich friends.

“I just wanna ride on the jet/ I don’t wanna come down yet/ I just wanna roll with the set/ Cruising in my best friend’s car, he just got a range rover/ I’m always the passenger,” the song opens.

The 21-year-old producer (who’s known for remixing songs by Selena Gomez, Gorillaz and more recently Alina Baraz’s “Floating” featuring Khalid) tells Billboard what inspired him to create the track. “One day I was in L.A. at a private party and one moment I realized how absurd it was that I, this random kid from Austria, was now sitting in a villa in the Hills, kind of pretending to be part of the scene,” he says. “I opened up my notes and wrote down, ‘All My Friends Are Rich.’”

He then explains how Louis III got on board: “Skip to a year later, where I met Louis III through a mutual friend. We got chatting about how fun but also weird and confusing the music world can be, and then I brought up the idea of writing a song with an ironic over-the-top twist about intruding in the rich man’s world.”

filous is currently working on new music after releasing dance-pop tune “Bicycle” with klei back in October.

Get a first listen of the summery "All My Friends Are Rich" below.