Sleepy Tom & Lights Release '80s-Inspired Video Game in Celebration Of 'Amateurs': Exclusive

Lights & Sleepy Tom
Lindsey Blane

Lights & Sleepy Tom

The DJ is also premiering new single 'Wrapped Around Your Heart' featuring Willa.

Sleepy Tom is giving fans a full-on immersive experience, in the form of a retro 2D video game, to accompany the catchy title track (featuring LIGHTS) from his forthcoming EP, Amateurs. The late '80s, early '90s-inspired arcade runner is debuting exclusively on Billboard today (March 14).

The classic pixel art depicts a skater (who resembles the Canadian producer) as he fights off various bosses while the synth-pop “Amateurs” plays in the background. Players can also choose an electric-red-haired girl (resembling LIGHTS) to achieve their high scores.

Sleepy Tom tells Billboard that the inspiration behind the ingenious video game idea in part stemmed from Netflix’s interactive thriller, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. “With Amateurs, I felt like doing something different than a traditional music video and thought an arcade-style game could work,” the DJ says. “I may have been inspired from watching Bandersnatch, or some of the '80s/synth-wave sounds I’d been using, but the idea of fighting crime along to the song seemed to fit!”

Play via the widget below, or at this link:

The free game is available as an HTML web-game tested for desktops and mobile devices via independent game site Itch.io, and doesn’t require a download or signup process.

As Tom prepares to roll out his newest project (due March 15) -- in which he says he explores new pop song structures by utilizing “more real instruments” and “more hooks” -- he is also debuting his latest collaboration with Toronto native, Willa.

"Willa and her dog Remy helped write this song in my old studio," Tom says. "Her vocal was so killer, such a voice! I flipped the production around and distorted her vocal melody and that was the song."

Get a first listen of "Wrapped Around Your Heart" featuring Willa below.