Jonas Brothers Take Over 'Late Late Show' & Talk Reunion, Get Kidnapped by James Corden: Watch

James Corden took matters into his own hands when he “kidnapped” the Jonas Brothers on Monday night’s (March 4) The Late Late Show, in order to convince them to reunite and “become a symbol of peace and harmony for all mankind.”   

After the silly skit (which featured a cameo from Dr. Phil) and a swift transition to the JoBros’ stepping out to an enthusiastic studio audience, the brothers sat down with Corden to talk about what brought them back together after calling it quits in 2013.

Nick explained that it was their Amazon documentary -- whose release date is pending -- that helped them realize that there’s a “magic” that comes from them making music together.

“The documentary tracks our childhood to our time with the band, and it was gonna be a story about where we are today -- and that was separate lives, doing separate things, Joe with DNCE, me with my solo stuff,” said the youngest Jonas. “And during that time we started to feel like there was a magic that we felt like we were missing. And the process was basically just, why don’t we give this another shot? We started playing a little music together and realized right away that this is where we’re meant to be in our lives at this moment.”

Corden also asked about their recent first performance in six years, which Nick admitted made him “paranoid,” but was ultimately “amazing... it was great after the first few songs." The siblings also joked about Joe’s tendency to “forget the lyrics” to their songs as he shared some details of his upcoming wedding with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Kevin then talked about his youngest daughter Valentina’s “beef” with Nick’s new wife, Priyanka Chopra, being that she’s “very territorial” of her uncle.

The brothers also took part in a bit with famed mentalist Lior Suchard as part of the first night of their week-long residency on the show.

Watch the Jonas Brothers take over The Late Late Show below.