Stephen Puth Experiences the Ups and Downs of Love in 'Half Gone' Video: Premiere

Stephen Puth
Blaise Castellano

Stephen Puth

Stephen Puth kicked off his music career with a sexual vibe, but now he's letting out his more vulnerable side. The singer-songwriter releases his second track Friday (March 1), a heartfelt ballad titled "Half Gone," with the video premiering on Billboard below.

The acoustic tune gives Puth's smoky tone a lighter feel, particularly because he's singing about a lost love and the effects of heartbreak. "How can I love when my heart's half gone?/ Is it enough for me to move on?" he questions on the chorus.

The video for the track sees Puth go through every stage in a relationship. But instead of starting with the honeymoon phase, the "Half Gone" video begins with the downfall of Puth and his girlfriend, chronicling the relationship backwards and showing that despite the breakup in the end, it was true love.

As Puth recently explained in a new interview with Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast (stay tuned for his full episode on March 5), "Half Gone" came out of a real-life relationship that was particularly difficult for him to get over. "I was kind of sad by it all," he says, adding that his brother (yes, Charlie Puth) helped him work through what he was feeling -- and in turn, helped inspire one of Stephen's first songs. "We're driving around, and he's like, 'What's wrong?'" Stephen recalls. "And I said: 'Imagine you've got a pizza. That's your heart. Every single time you go to love somebody, you're giving a piece of it away.' ... And then I said to him, 'How am I supposed to love the next person when my heart's already half-gone?' … He was like, 'Say it again.'"

He continues: "I said it again, and he was like, 'Why aren't you writing [songs]?' And I was like, 'I'm trying!'"

A year and a half later, Puth was writing with some friends and a writer they'd never worked with before. As soon as Puth mentioned his half-gone idea, the writer had a melody. "Within under what felt like five seconds, we had the chorus," Puth adds. "And from there, we just put chords under it. It definitely brought a sense of closure."

Watch the "Half Gone" video below.