Carly Rae Jepsen Drops Two Instant Bops in 'Now That I Found You' and 'No Drug Like Me': Listen

Carly Rae Jepsen
Natalie O'Moore

Carly Rae Jepsen

Jepsies rejoice! Carly Rae Jepsen released two glittering new tracks off her upcoming album on Wednesday (Feb. 27). 

The lovestruck “Now That I Found You” is a classic Carly pop confection, featuring the Canadian star’s signature bubbly lyrics and synth-heavy, ‘80s-inspired sound. “Don’t give it up/Don’t say it hurts/Cuz there’s nothin’ like this feeling/Now that I found you,” she sings on the upbeat dance track.

The second song, “No Drug Like Me,” slows things down to steady mid-tempo jam, but its lyrics remain equally adoring. “And If you make me feel in love then I’ll blossom for you/If you make me open up I’ll tell only the truth/When your mouth is running dry/Keep head high/Hold on baby/You ain’t tried no drug like me,” Jepsen coos over finger snaps and a pulsating, echoey beat.

According to Jepsen, the two songs are about the giddy sugar rush of opening up to new love and go thematically hand-in-hand.

“‘Now That I Found You’ is about the high you get when a new love starts to change your life,” she said in a statement. “It’s like the rush, rush, rush is better than any drug...which leads me to ‘No Drug Like Me,’ which is a promise I made to love in general. That when the good stuff lands my way I’ll always try to be vulnerable and brave and show all of myself.”

Along with lead single “Party For One,” both tracks are expected to be featured on Jepsen’s forthcoming full-length, the as-yet-untitled follow-up to EMOTION, her acclaimed 2015 album that became a cult-favorite among the LGBTQ community and other pop-loving circles upon its release.

Stream “Now That I Found You” and “No Drug Like Me” below.