Black History Inspirations: Seinabo Sey Shares a Playlist of Songs That Celebrate the Diverse Diaspora

Märta Thisner
Seinabo Sey

As part of Billboard's Black History Month celebration, we've asked Black artists spanning all genres to compile their own unique playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. Each song they've chose represents their love for the culture across the diaspora -- from childhood favorites to songs that make them feel free. Today, Seinabo Sey shares her soundtrack.

"Black History Month is important to me because it reminds me of all the amazing people that came before us. A wonderful time to share knowledge and walk proud in one's heritage." 

Seinabo Sey's is currently touring Sweden in promotion of her new sophomore album, I'm A Dream. She was recently nominated for five Grammis (Swedish music awards) and took home awards for album of the year and lyric composer of the year. Listen to her playlist below: