Parachute Soundtrack an Office Party in Evocative 'Young' Video: Premiere

Andrew Arthur

Ever imagine that your 9 to 5 job weren't so boring? Parachute brought that fantasy to life with their music video for "Young," premiering on Billboard below.

The video starts out with a girl in her white-walled office space, looking less-than-thrilled about work. Her distress turns into a daydream that switches between shots of her as a child and her back at her desk -- only now, work is not such a boring place to be. Though the office party is merely a wishful thought, flashing back to happier times -- real or fake -- put the girl in a much better mood than before.

The Parachute guys (frontman Will Anderson, saxophonist Kit French and drummer Johnny Stubblefield) star in the video as well, pretending to be the girl's officemates before becoming the entertainment for the imprompu office party. The "Young" video also features clips of Parachute as kids, further encapsulating the song's wistful lyrics like its token line, "After all this growing up/ I'm only good at being young." 

“When we were presented with the concept of the video centering around a girl breaking out of the cycle of the everyday mundane of her job, we immediately were all in," Anderson tells Billboard in a statement. "It's rare we all agree on something so quickly, but this video did it because I think we realized that most people -- and certainly all three of us -- have been in that situation before. Everything about this video was about trying to capture that feeling visually." 

Shouting out the video's look, actors and director PJ Brown's execution, Anderson adds, "It really resonated with us on a deeply personal level and matched the message of the lyrics perfectly.”

"Young" is the lead single from Parachute's forthcoming fifth studio album, which is due later this spring. Parachute are heading out on a 41-date North American tour named after the song, kicking off in Bonita Springs, Florida on April 25. Get your tickets for the Young Tour here, and watch the "Young" video below.