XYLØ Debuts Soaring New Single 'Fireworks': Premiere

Nikko LaMere


XYLØ (born Paige Duddy) has unveiled her new song “Fireworks," premiering on Billboard today (Feb. 22).

The California native shows off her husky vocals through deeply thoughtful lyrics. “And I lay here, I don’t wanna go to sleep alone/ Cause when I look outside my window/ I’m scared it’s not fireworks, anymore/ I’m scared it’s not fireworks, anymore,” she sings on the synth-pop song's catchy chorus.

Beneath the bubbly melody, though, “Fireworks" contains a startling backstory, as Duddy tells Billboard. “About two months ago I was home alone in my apartment in K-Town in Los Angeles,” she says. “I heard a couple having an argument outside my building so I took a look.

"As I got to the window, I saw a man pull a gun out and shoot at a woman in a car. I hid under my bed on the phone with a 9-11 operator, talking me out of a panic attack, as a SWAT Team and helicopters swarmed my building. I was told not the leave my room, as there was a shooter in my apartment block.”

After that impactful experience, Duddy says the song came to her because she wanted to write about “how scary everything becomes the first couple of years living on your own.” “Suddenly life loses its innocence and everything becomes too real,” she adds. “But ‘I'm scared its not fireworks anymore,’ to me, is a metaphor for becoming an adult. When you’re young, ‘fireworks’ are fun and exciting and beautiful. When you grow up, all those things can turn dark and sinister and real."

The track will appear on XYLØ’s EP Pretty Sad, which is scheduled to drop on March 1, and look out for more music throughout the year. XYLØ previously released the track “Nothing Left to Say” on Feb. 15.

Listen to “Fireworks” below.