Michael Bublé Has Been Through a Lot, But Hasn't Lost His Charm (Or Sense of Humor): NYC Concert Recap

Michael Buble
Joerg Koch/Getty Images

Michael Buble performs live on stage during the Telekom Street Gigs at Wappenhalle on Dec. 4, 2018 in Munich, Germany.

Those who have seen a Michael Bublé show before know that the crooner brings as many jokes to the stage as he does songs, making for a night of all-around joy, between the laughter and the music. And despite his emotional family journey over the last few years, Bublé made sure his 2019 show felt no different.

Once Bublé took the stage at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night (Feb. 20) -- appropriately opening with the uplifting "Feeling Good" -- his nearly two-hour show was filled with nothing but positivity, smooth vocals and plenty of the classic Bublé wit.

“I’m taking it all in tonight,” he told the audience, noting that his main focuses of the evening were love and gratitude. Acknowleding his five-year hiatus, Bublé added, "The world has changed, I’ve changed. In five years, [there were] a lot of tough things, a lot of bad things -- also some beautiful things, and one of those things that I have to share with you when I talk about gratitude is one thing that completely has kept me afloat, and it inspires me. And that is Cardi B."

Throwing in an enthusiastic "Okurrr!," Bublé prompted the crowd to do their best Cardi B impression. He continued the quips as he reflected on his time in the city earlier in the day, which included a visit to Shake Shack.

"It may be the first time that I’ve cheated on my wife with a hamburger," he joked. "It was sloppy and dirty and messy, and no one could ever talk about my hamburger lady bad, let me tell you."

Before diving into "My Funny Valentine" and "I Only Have Eyes for You," Bublé hilariously set the tone for the rest of the love-filled evening by declaring it a belated Valentine's Day. "We’re going to start slowly, and by the end of this thing, I hope that we are going at each other like I did my hamburger."

His humor carried on with a bit about shower songs, joking that the one he sings (which he didn't name) makes him feel like he's competing on The Voice. Bublé then opted to give an audience member time to shine with his or her own shower song, picking an eager 21-year-old girl who made for perhaps the biggest surprise of the night with an impressive rendition of Etta James' "At Last." After insisting that was not pre-planned, Bublé managed to once again drop in some provocative humor. "God, now I want to shower with you, so much!"

While much of the 22-song set was sprinkled with lighthearted comedy, Bublé also added heartfelt personal touches to the show: He covered Bobby Darin's "(Up a) Lazy River" in honor of his late grandfather; recalled an emotional moment while seeing Tony Bennett with his wife before singing "When I Fall In Love"; and delivered a tender rendition of "Forever Now," a touching tribute to his three children.

Though Bublé never outright mentioned what he and his family have been through over the last few years, "Forever Now" was a reminder that he still feels the pain of his son Noah's cancer battle. But amid his crooning and his jokes, what was more evident was what Bublé took away from the experience -- primarily the always-positive mind-set he has because of it.

"I always think to myself, ‘Life is so short, why not let yourself go and be in the moment, just have fun. What else is there?’" he said before his dynamic pre-encore finale "Cry Me a River."

As the night came to a close, Bublé couldn't help gushing over the "beautiful energy" in the room, but what he may not have realized is that he was the sole reason for it. Even if he did, the singer made sure to express his gratitude one more time before leaving the stage. “You have no idea -- I guess you might -- how much it means to me to come to Madison Square Garden and be able to feel this connected with you," he said. "It’s beautiful."