Ginesse Cuts Through the 'Noise' On Latest Single: Exclusive

Drew Cason


Though Cait Fairbanks earned accolades and a 2018 Daytime Emmy nomination playing a musician on The Young & The Restless, she reaches a new artistic high under the guise of Ginesse on her latest original track “Noise,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Feb. 14).

The Orange County native donned the alias as a way of stepping outside herself to approach her experiences more honestly, and she makes good on the effort with “Noise,” where the young singer’s voice has never come in clearer. Sharing her self-coping method for overworked nerves, Ginesse (pronounced like ‘Hennessy”) stands as a strong presence through the disorder.

"Throughout my life whenever I get too caught up in what everyone else around me is up to, my Mom always says to me ‘It’s all just noise.’ That’s always been something that stuck with me,” she tells Billboard. “Whenever I’m my most depressed I get too focused on social media and it drives me crazy. ‘Noise’ was inspired by the mix of depression and overstimulation. Those periods in life where I find myself obsessed with self-help books, finding reason to avoid going outside, and Postmates: ‘It’s all just noise.’”

She shares the impact of her move to eastern Los Angeles on the song, saying, “It’s been a mantra I’ve repeated to myself in traffic to avoid going insane. There are so many talented people in a small but huge city. Every one of us is trying to find a way to shine through the shit. I’ve found that can lead me down a dark path, thus the mantra: ‘It’s all just noise.’"

The winding, crafty production aids the visual of keeping it together in the thick of a mental storm with muted guitar loops and backmasked string scrapes over the singer’s bare-it-all musings. Though her debut single “Bedford” was aided by orchestral sweeps and bumping bass, her latest distills her charming personality into a subdued, personal pop tune. Despite the veil of a pop alter-ego in Ginesse, Fairbanks makes a clear statement all her own on “Noise.”

Check out Ginesse’s single “Noise” exclusively on Billboard below.