Jennifer Lopez Details Vigorous Stripper Pole Movie Training, Meeting A-Rod in Time for V-Day on 'Kimmel': Watch

Jennifer Lopez had a lot to talk about on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (Feb. 13), including the news that she's had a portable stripper pole installed in her house to train for an upcoming film and a story about the emotional moments leading up to her show-stopping appearance at the Grammys’ opening last Sunday.

Lopez told Kimmel that she she's been undergoing intense stripper pole training for an upcoming movie called Hustlers about a group of New York dancers who turned the tables on some Wall Street hotshots. Amid the good-natured jokes, Lopez explained that the training with a Cirque du Soleil instructor has been very vigorous.

“It’s a girl from Cirque du Soleil, she’s fantastic, Joana, and she works with me,” Lopez told Kimmel. “I mean I have bruises everywhere, it’s so hard. I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole.”

The mom-of-two also mentioned how she and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez got together just a few days after Valentine’s Day two years ago, with the baseball star sending her unexpected amounts of flowers, chocolates and cake. “It was really nice because it made me feel like, oh, he like me,” she smiled.

She then talked about appearing onstage with host Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith and former first lady Michelle Obama at the Grammys, and how they did a “spiritual prayer” lead by Keys before taking the stage. “It felt like we all just kind of joined hands and we started saying ‘Thank you God for these blessings and to be here, and help us to shine light and create unity and goodness,'" she said.

Check out the clips of Lopez’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.