Every Time Lady Gaga Has Performed 'Shallow': Watch

Lady Gaga has been busy giving fans of her award-winning film, A Star Is Born, exactly what they want -- more and more performances of the film’s power ballad “Shallow” featuring Bradley Cooper, with each one better than the last.

It all started when the official music video was released last September, following Gaga (as Ally) and Cooper's (Jackson Maine) love story. Fans then captured Gaga's heartfelt live performances at her Las Vegas' Enigma show, at one of which she brought up Cooper for an impromptu duet. Finally, her most recent performance of the single saw the pop-star-turned-movie-star give a theatrical rendition of "Shallow" before taking home the best pop duo/group performance Grammy for the song.

Check out all the times Gaga performed "Shallow," which peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100, below.

1. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper -- "Shallow (A Star is Born)" official video

The music video for “Shallow” has now garnered over 250 million views. It follows Gaga (Ally) and Cooper’s (Jackson Maine) characters' love story, particularly Ally’s timid first performance of the song.

2. Lady Gaga performs "Shallow" at her Vegas show on Dec. 28

Gaga performed a heartfelt version of the song live for the first time back in December -- with much support from the audience -- at Park MGM in Las Vegas, where she currently has two residencies for her shows Enigma and Jazz & Piano. A fan captured the moment below.

3. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Dec. 30

Gaga performed an encore of “Shallow” at her Enigma show in Vegas on Dec. 30, and even wore a jacket a fan gave her from the audience during the performance.

4. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Dec. 31

On New Year’s Eve, Gaga rang in 2019 with a “Shallow” encore and wished the audience a “Happy New Year,” before wearing another jacket from a fan -- this time it was furry and scattered with festive green and red lights.

5. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Jan. 17

Gaga returned to her Enigma show on Jan. 17, performing the encore to the impactful song, changing up her introduction to “Shallow,” by saying, “I used to let people try to tell me who I was, and then I stopped doing that shit.”

6. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Jan. 19

On Jan. 19, Gaga performed an encore of “Shallow” -- and, yes, she took off her oversized gray shirt to put on a fan-made white t-shirt. “It’s because of you that I am here today,” she tells the crowd in the fan-made clip. “So I will wear this shirt with pride.”

7. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Jan. 24

Fan footage shows Gaga performing an encore of “Shallow,” telling the cheering audience, “Listen to what I’m saying to you.”

8. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform "Shallow" at her Vegas show on Jan. 26

Gaga brought Cooper on stage in Vegas for a surprise duet with her co-star on Jan. 26. Fan footage shows Gaga walking Cooper through the live performance, before lending his husky vocals to the song’s moving lyrics.

9. Lady Gaga performs “Shallow” at her Vegas show on Jan. 31, Feb. 2

Gaga performed her encore of “Shallow” at both Jan. 31 and Feb. 2’s Enigma shows, with the audience avidly singing along.

10. Lady Gaga performs "Shallow" at the 61st Annual Grammys

Always one to switch it up, Gaga took to the Grammys stage in a bedazzled jumpsuit to perform a more theatrical version of the hit alongside Mark Ronson on Feb. 10.

11. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform "Shallow" at the 91st Annual Academy Awards

The highly-anticipated performance saw Gaga and Cooper take center stage at the Oscars on Feb. 24 for an initimate rendition of the already classic duet, which earned them a standing ovation from their fellow performers.