Get to Know 'In The Middle' Singer-Songwriter Dodie: Watch

In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard sits down with YouTube star and singer-songwriter Dodie to find out a bit more about her, including who her biggest musical inspirations are, what her music-making process is like, and much more.

Dodie, who grew up in a town called Epping (which is outside of London), tells Billboard that she held her very first job at around the age of 14, when she worked as a waitress doing catering at weddings and events.

Asked why she first decided to create a YouTube channel, the singer-songwriter explains that because she was a fan of other YouTubers, she wanted to see herself in “the same box that they were” because she wanted to prove to herself that they “all lived on the same planet.”

“But also I wrote songs,” she adds. “I was a very dramatic person, and I needed to share them with the world.”

As for who she considers to be her most significant influences when it comes to music, Dodie names Emily King, noting that she loves the way “every single line is surrounded by harmony.” She also mentioned that she appreciates Ethan Gruska in terms of production, and that she looks to musicals for their “dramatic flair.”

Dodie also reveals that she has two ways of making music: either a song pours out of her, or she goes with what she calls a “Frankenstein method,” where she collects ideas over months and them puts them together.

Asked which song people unfamiliar with her music should listen to first, Dodie says “When” is good if someone is looking to feel very sad, or “In the Middle” is good if the listener is “lookin’ to have a bop.”

You can watch the full interview above to learn even more about Dodie, including what her unusual guilty pleasure is, and listen to her song “In the Middle” below.


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