Why Don't We Take Over 'Jimmy Kimmel' With Epic Performance: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Why Don't We perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Why Don’t We took center stage on Thursday night’s (Feb. 7) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing their single “8 letters” on-air, as well as “Big Plans,” “Trust Fund Baby” and “Hooked” for a web exclusive show.

The Los Angeles-based quintet began their performance with the synth-pop title track off of their 2018 debut album, 8 Letters. Wearing black and white ensembles, they moved in perfect synchronization as they sang the catchy love song: “If all it is is eight letters, why is it so hard to say?/ If all it is is eight letters, why am I in my own way?/ Why do I pull you close, and then ask you for space/ If all it is is eight letters, why is it so hard to say?”

Bandmates Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron and Jonah Marais vibed perfectly together, feeding off the enthusiastically cheering audience. The young group transitioned from one song to the next, hitting three of the other charming songs on their record: “Big Plans,” “Trust Fund Baby” and “Hooked.”

Watch Why Don’t We perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.