Finneas Drops Sultry 'New Girl' Music Video

Finneas New Girl
Courtesy Photo

Finneas, "New Girl"

Finneas released the dark and seductive music video for "New Girl" on Monday (Feb. 4). 

The Emma Sydney Menzies-directed visual follows Finneas as he sinks deeper into a relationship with a "new girl," played by Yasmine Vega. She is revealed to be a femme fatale at the end, when she lures him into the desert and hits him over the head with a shovel -- dressed in all black with red lipstick, of course.

The lyrics decribe a dangerously intense passsion, with Finneas singing in the chorus, "I wanna scratch your surface/ I wanna feel your groove/ I wanna be your needle/ I wanna lick your wound." He goes on to insinuate that their relationship will be like playing with fire and a "stick and poke tattoo."

The multi-taltened Finneas produced and wrote "New Girl" in addition to singing the song.

Check out the video below: