Poppy to Star in Augmented Reality Experience 'A Jester's Tale,' Premiering at Sundance 2019: Exclusive

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'I can't wait to meet you in AR,' the android-pop star says of her collaboration with RYOT and 1RIC.

With an inescapalbe YouTube presence, two full-length albums, more than a million followers on social media and her own online "church," Poppy is already everywhere --and now, the robot-esque pop star is making her way into augmented reality.

Billboard can confirm that Poppy is set to star in the augmented-reality experience A Jester's Tale, premiering at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival as part of the New Frontier program. Viewers will put on AR headsets to be transported into the 12-minute, interactive narrative following a fictional storyline inside a child's bedroom and featuring a slew of character holograms, including Poppy.

A Jester's Tale comes together via RYOT, the Emmy Award-winning content studio under Verizon Media, and 1RIC, the augmented-reality studio led by Asad J. Malik, who recently saw his Terminal 3 AR experience premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

"I am excited to be a part of Sundance again -- this time as a hologram," Poppy says in a statement. "The innovative experience of A Jester's Tale is a whole new form of storytelling and I can't wait to meet you in AR." The star premiered her YouTube Red series I'm Poppy at the Utah film festival in 2018.

"To me, Poppy represents a new kind of cultural critique, one that plays with ideas of fame and manufactured perfection in ways that are unsettling yet enjoyable," says Malik. "What she stands for will bring a new layer of meaning to A Jester's Tale and vice versa. What is real and what is a mere representation has been a foundational idea in the history of media and art. We happen to be living at a time when immersive technology is allowing for literal manifestations of this idea while our social media lives are leading to an increasingly altered sense of reality."

Adds Jake Sally, head of immersive development at RYOT: "We are on the cusp of a fully enabled augmented reality world and Asad embodies the tip of the spear as the first true augmented reality auteur. A Jester's Tale represents the promise of what AR can become, not what it is today, blurring the line between realities to create a stunning reflection of our world in the digital age."

See the viewing calendar and full poster for A Jester's Tale, taking place at the New Frontier at The Ray in Park City below.

Jan. 25 (2PM-9:30PM), Jan. 26 (4PM-7:30PM), Jan. 27 (2PM-9:30PM), Jan. 28 (2PM-9:30PM), Jan. 29 (2PM-9:30PM), Jan. 30-Feb. 1 (12PM-9:30PM) and Feb. 2 (10AM-5:30PM).

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